Adriaan Kruger
3 minute read
3 Feb 2021
8:20 am

SA mines in bid to be clean

Adriaan Kruger

Increase in stakeholder focus on ESG exacerbates need for mining companies to assess risks and opportunities.

Employees have been forced to work beyond their shifts with no additional pay at cobalt and copper mines. AFP/File/MARC JOURDIER

Mining is traditionally a dirty and dangerous business. Mining operations have a huge impact on the environment, often affect the health of their workers and are regularly accused of not doing what they should in the communities in which they operate. Things are improving. In the case of formal mining companies, mines admit their shortcomings and strive to improve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. All the mining groups in South Africa have set goals with respect to their ESG metrics and report on them extensively, giving stakeholders and critics the opportunity to measure their compliance and progress. Regarding...