Citizen Reporter
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30 May 2016
2:24 pm

BRICS offers much, but China must be managed

Citizen Reporter

SA needs to know when to compete with its BRICS peers and when to collaborate with them.

Dr Iqbal Surve, right, at a meeting of the BRICS Business Council in Russia. Host Photo Agency.

In this short video, Kuseni Dlamini, non-executive chairman of Massmart, answers the following questions:

  • You painted quite a sombre picture of the geo-political tensions in the global economy, but still maintain that BRICS has a lot to offer. Why is that?
  • So we have these economies, each with their own issues to resolve. How do they work together to ensure their success as an economic bloc?
  • How does SA leverage off its association with this group?
  • A common perception is that China, while it presents lots of opportunities for SA, is doing a lot of damage to the SA economy. How should South Africa manage its relationship with China?