Ann Crotty
2 minute read
19 Jan 2021
7:02 am

Relax, thought followers…

Ann Crotty

Instead of the Edelman barometer, this year we could just measure the level of expressed anger about individual government’s roll-out of Covid vaccines.

Global elites arriving in Davos for the World Economic Forum were met with urgent warnings about popular anger and economic uncertainty. AFP/Fabrice COFFRINI

One and probably the only upside to Covid is not having to endure the preening of the world’s top political, academic and business leaders on the World Economic Forum (WEF) stage in Davos. At about this time every year this band of self-appointed “thought leaders” gathers in the snowy, hard-to-get-to Swiss town of Davos and capture the latest mega-trend to challenge the world’s leaders. They then brand it as their own and, with the help of a generally compliant media, disseminate it to all of us “thought followers”. There’s nothing quite as certain to kill a fledgling challenge to the...