Brian Sokutu
Senior Print Journalist
3 minute read
12 Apr 2021
5:45 am

Fuel, power prices hiked but green technology out of reach

Brian Sokutu

Experts have warned that a self-sustainable move from the national power grid could come at a huge cost to consumers.

Solar panel on dramatic sunset sky background, Alternative energy concept. Picture: iStock

  Hard-pressed by the latest petrol price and electricity tariff hikes, most South Africans have little financial room to manoeuvre, with electric cars and renewable energy sources out of reach for millions of people, according to energy experts. Incensed by the R17 per litre petrol and 15% electricity tariff increases amid the devastating Covid-19 pandemic and the economic slump, mineral resources and energy portfolio committee chair Sahlulelo Luzipo announced last week that he would soon summon department officials to parliament to explain the rationale behind the price surges. To cut down on travelling expenses, some have revived lift clubs, resorted...