Hein Kaiser
2 minute read
25 Jun 2021
5:30 am

Turbulent times already for new SAA

Hein Kaiser

In the continued absence of SAA, United Airlines launches in South Africa next month.

South African Airways Airbus A350-900 airplane at New York John F. Kennedy airport (JFK) in the USA. Picture: iStock

Even before it has taken off, the new SA Airways (SAA) has seen potentially good revenue blasted out of the sky after the US department of transportation refused to renew its rights to operate via various commercial or operational agreements with other carriers beyond its existing direct entry points into the country. The decision was in retaliation for a South African department of transport refusal to grant US carrier Delta rights to land in Cape Town as part of its Johannesburg-Atlanta service. ALSO READ: Harith denies involvement in SA Express deal In 2018 the International Air Transport Association reported that...