Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
5 minute read
4 Jan 2022
9:30 am

No respite for your pockets, as food prices continue to rise

Ina Opperman

Rising prices means people sacrifice nutritional value for quantity, while those earning minimum wage have it worst.

Image: iStock

While the country gears up to ensure that 2022 goes better financially than the past two years, South Africa's poorest citizens are still battling to put food on the table, with the food basket survey for December indicating a consistent increase in prices, with only two small decreases noted in the baskets for Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg. According to the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice and Dignity Group’s Household Affordability Index's food basket survey, the cost of the average household food basket increased by R3,50 from R4 272,44 in November to R4 275,94 in December 2021 while it increased by R273,52 from R4...