New online trading service puts people at the centre

Linton White, the Regional Head of ATFX Africa, says the company’s attention to detail makes it special.

A new online trading service with people at the centre instead of technology being the main focus is something new for South Africa.

With many experts expressing concern that artificial intelligence will push people out of the picture, it is refreshing to find a company which uses so much technology still caring about customers being able to speak to real people if they need to.

ATFX, a global online CFD (contracts for difference) broker, authorised by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority, offers more than 300 CFD instruments to trade.

Investors use CFDs as an entry point into financial markets.

Sales Director at ATFX Connect, Mena, Aditya Singh, ATFX Chief Commercial Officer, Siji Daniel, ATFX Chairman Joe Li ATFX Managing Director Connect Wei Zhang. Picture: Nigel Sibanda/ The Citizen

The company announced its entry into the Southern Africa region last November when it acquired a licensed OTC (over-the-counter) derivative provider, Khwezi Financial Services, which was founded in 2013 and offers a full range of broking services.

Joe Li, chair of ATFX, and Linton White, regional head of ATFX Africa, visited the Finance Magnates Africa Summit held in Sandton last week and answered some questions about ATFX’s move into South Africa.

WATCH: Joe Li explains how the service could assist with trading

Joe says this strategic move further solidifies ATFX’s global presence and strengthens its position as a key player in the online trading industry.

He is especially proud that ATFX offers a comprehensive education for aspirant traders to ensure they know exactly what they do.

The education side includes face-to-face seminars all over the world, as well as webinars.

“We emphasise quality of service and professionalism with local experts serving local people,” he says.
“We do things very efficiently and quickly.

Regional Head of ATFX Africa, Linton White and ATFX Chairman Joe Li (R) at the Finance Magnates Africa Summit. Picture: Nigel Sibanda/ The Citizen

“We care about the people – not only people in the company, but also the people in our industry, and I believe they must have the proper knowledge of the industry and the instrument that we are trading.”

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In an increasingly competitive financial market, with a particular focus on derivatives and CFDs, brokerages need to offer cutting-edge technological features and innovative platforms that empower clients to trade with confidence and efficiency.

Joe says the secret is excellent service, not the cheapest or lowest deposit requirements.

“Customer service around the clock is important, as well as good education material and face-to-face meetings, coupled with our technology.”

What makes ATFX special?

Linton White, the Regional Head of ATFX Africa, says the company’s attention to detail makes it special. It tries to go for private banking appeal for its clients, rather than a general run-of-the-mill setup.

“There are many unregulated brokerages in South Africa, which makes it a challenging environment,” he says. “We are trying to bring sustainability, rules and regulations back into trading, with a client-centric approach.”

ATFX stand at the Finance Magnates Africa Summit. Picture: Nigel Sibanda/ The Citizen

This is also reflected in ATFX’s mission that the company’s management team decided to put the client above everything else and make all decisions to benefit the client and offer the best products and services, build the best technology and educate traders.

The ATFX team comprises almost 700 staff members who speak 20 languages and work out of 22 offices, in the UK, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Mexico, Jordan, Indonesia, Colombia, Uruguay, Egypt, India and now South Africa.

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