Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
6 minute read
13 Sep 2021
3:35 pm

If you hate reading, investing in crypto might not be for you

Ina Opperman

Social media is full of offers for crypto investments and South Africans have always been soft targets for scams that promise fantastic returns.

Picture: iStock

Crypto-related investments are not regulated in South Africa and most people know too little about how crypto works to ensure they are not throwing their money into a deep hole of scams, never to be seen again. “People who want to invest in crypto must know the market, but most people treat it like gambling. My advice would be if you have no financial knowledge, stay away from investing in crypto. If you cannot read and understand the crypto white paper, you do not have the required financial knowledge,” says Chris Cammack, head of content at, a website that...