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This is how much a braai will cost you on Heritage Day

Changing food prices mean you will have to shop around for the best prices. Here's a comparison of costs from three major retailers.

According to the weatherman, Sunday will be an excellent day for a braai in the northern provinces of the country and if you have around R500 to spend just before payday, you will be able to afford a basic braai meal for four people and something to drink.

Pick n Pay

At Pick n Pay, you will pay R59.99 for a herb salad bowl (450g), R34.99 for two Pick n Pay ripe and ready avocados and R37.99 for a bottle of Knorr vinaigrette salad dressing. A 1kg packet of Ace Super Maize Meal will cost you R18.99 and a tin of Koo Mild & Spicy Chakalaka R24.99.

For the fire, PnP Grabouw Thick Boerewors will cost R115.99/kg, PnP Lamb Arm Chops R181.99/kg, PnP Prime Rib Steak R129.99/kg and a PnP Braai Spatchcock Chicken Moroccan Flavoured, with an average weight of 1.3kg, R104.98. In addition, a bottle of Coca-Cola (2L) will add an extra R24.99.

This meal for four people will cost you R520.90 at Pick n Pay (we calculated the meat prices per kg for 500g).


If you shop at Checkers, you will pay R69.99 for the Three Cheese Salad Pack (450g), R18.99 for two Ripe & Ready Hass Avocados and R35.99 for a bottle of Knorr Vinaigrette Italian Salad Dressing. Make it a real South African meal with Ace Super Maize Meal (1kg) at R17.99 and a tin of Koo Mild & Spicy Chakalaka for R19.99.

Turning to the meat aisle, you will pay R105.99/kg for the Championship Boerewors Rosette thick boerewors, R165.99/kg for a bulk pack of lamb braai chops, R189.99/kg for Steakhouse Classic rib eye beef steak and R89.99/kg for a Simple Truth Moroccan marinated butterflied chicken. Some Coke to top it off, will cost R24.99 for two litres and bring your total to R508.90.


Should Woolworths be your shop of choice, you can buy a Rosa Tomato Leaf Salad (450g) for R69.99, two ripe & ready avocados for R39.99 and a Greek Vinaigrette Dressing for R45.99. Add to this Ace Super Maize Meal (R39.99 for 2.5kg) and Woolworths’ own Mild Chakalaka for R27.99.

To braai, you can choose from Farmstyle wors at R114.99/kg, free range lamb chump chops at R219.99/kg, free range mature thick cut beef rib eye steak at R319.99/kg or free range sweet citrus butterflied chicken at R109.99/kg. Add a two litre bottle of Coke for R24.99 and you will pay R736.31 at the till (but remember you bought more maize meal than at the other shops).

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