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20 Jun 2016
9:08 am

Muvhango this week: Mulalo stirs trouble for Shoni and Mulimisi

Citizen Reporter

Here's what to expect this week on 'Muvhango'.

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Monday, June 20

Vusi suspects another family member is his stalker. Ndalamo and James have a showdown over Nthabeleng. Vele and Susan don’t see eye to eye.

Tuesday, June 21

Vusi gets some unpleasant news about Mfungelwa. KK orders Ndalamo to apologise to James. Shonisani and Mulimisi bump into each other.

Wednesday, June 22

Mulalo is not happy when he sees Mulimisi and Shonisani together. Vusi is getting increasingly jumpy about his stalker – but he won’t tell his mother. The Mukwevho family in Joburg get some shocking news.

Thursday, June 23

Vusi decides to take matters into his own hands with Mfungelwa. Nthabi has a positive effect on Ndalamo. Mulalo stirs trouble for Shoni and Mulimisi.

Friday, June 24

Katlego has a near fatal encounter. Ndalamo is discharged from hospital. Shonisani accuses Mulalo of being a coward.