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26 Jul 2016
10:01 am

The Khanyi Mbau, Nomzamo sex scene everyone’s talking about

Citizen Reporter

Umlilo is the most-talked about TV drama right now because of the lesbian sex scene that left Mzansi speechless.

MANY WIVES. [From left to right] Gcina Mkhize, Hamilton Dlamini, Ledwaba and Nomzamo Mbatha are the principal cast of Umlilo.

TV dramas have taught us that our past mistakes always come back to haunt us, and Umlilo is no different.

Umlilo (isiZulu for ‘fire’) is one of the hottest TV dramas in Mzansi right now, and it’s no surprise – the name says it all. However, last night’s episode was on another level and was trending for hours on Twitter.

Thembi (Nomzamo Mbatha) and Palesa (Khanyi Mbau) showed us what we last saw in 2014 on Big Brother Mzansi when Mandla and Lexi had sex in the shower.

A bit of background on the two characters: a long time ago Mnqobi and Thembi’s father were business partners. However, things turned sour when they had a disagreement, leading to Mqobi accidentally killing Thembi’s dad. To dispose of the body and, at the behest of his first wife Cebisile, Mnqobi decided to burn the house, along with Thembi’s mother and siblings. Thembi was still young but she witnessed it all.

To cut the long story short, Thembi decided to plan revenge on Mnqobi for killing her family. She had to find out his weaknesses, which turned out to be his love for women. One day, a grown-up and beautiful Thembi “accidentally” bumped into Mnqobi, who fell for her and decided to take her as a third wife. Little did he know he was inviting trouble into his family.

After years of plotting and scheming, Thembi’s secret was out and she was eventually arrested. This is when the family met Palesa, the lawyer. Mnqobi, being the man he is, fell for the lawyer and decided to marry her, despite knowing she was lesbian.

Now Mnqobi had two beautiful wives, who eventually could not resist each other. This is when last night’s episode happened – Khanyi Mbau and Nomzamo Mbatha kissing and having “sex” in the shower.

Before the show, Mbau warned fans the episode would be “awkward”. The feedback on Twitter was mostly positive, however, though some felt the drama should have been rated 18SN, because “it’s not the kind of thing you watch with your family”.

“Now we know why God made today cold. He knew we’d have to deal with the furnace that #umlilo would bring via Nomzamo Mbatha and Khanyi Mbau,” actor Rami Chuene tweeted.

Thembi blamed her actions on the weather, but whether she really was into Palesa remains to be seen – it could be another revenge plot on Mnqobi.

Here is what Twitter had to say about the episode: