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8 Aug 2016
12:48 pm

Gloria sees her dream slip away this week on ‘Scandal’

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Here's what to expect this week on 'Scandal'.

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Monday August 8

Quinton is horrified when a mirror is held up to him, and Grace is terrified by an awful encounter that comes with a warning. Ndumiso is forced to take drastic action, and things take a turn for the worst. Scelo turns down an offer, not realising that he is hurting someone.

Tuesday August 9

A warning has the desired effect and a delighted Lucas goes in for the kill. It’s the end of an era as Gloria sees her dream slip away. Scelo discovers that beauty doesn’t trump brains.

Wednesday August 10

Lucas concludes a long and complex process of deception, and nips a threat in the bud. Gloria realises that she fears losing something very dear to her. Scelo makes a rash promise and immediately regrets doing so.

Thursday August 11

A father boasts of his achievement to an unimpressed relative, and a long-standing partnership is dissolved. Gloria takes a gamble in order to win back what she has lost. Scelo receives a surprising and humiliating rejection.

Friday August 12

Yvonne realises she has a new potential meal ticket, and a celebratory visit turns into a whole lot more. Gloria believes she has brought about a shift, but it’s not what she expected it would be. Scelo takes some criticism to heart, which makes a young girl very happy.