Leon van Nierop
1 minute read
14 Mar 2014
9:00 am

Movie Review: About Last Night

Leon van Nierop

Many people expect this to be an easy-going romantic comedy, especially with blabbermouth Kevin Hart as one of the leads.

Danny (Michael Ealy) and Bernie (Kevin Hart) look at girls at the end of the bar in Screen Gems' About last Night. Picture supplied

But it is actually a darkly comical assessment of the state of romance in modern day America (in this case Los Angeles). Based on a 1986 Rob Lowe film, which was in turn an adaptation of David Mamet’s provocative play Sexual Perversity In Chicago, this exploration of the delicate intricacies of love and the thin border between love and lust is stimulating and challenging.

Admirers of Mamet should just realise that the second screen adaptation of his play takes some liberties with his dialogue and plot, but still centres on two best friends who start off by discussing their sexual conquests, while the two women who will get involved with them do the same in a clever juxtaposition of ideas, words and sexual tension.

About Last Night is an actor’s piece and provides the four leads with meaty roles they can get their teeth into. Michael Ealy is splendid as the more responsible Danny, the voice of reason who can have any girl he wants, yet settles for Jean (a radiant Regina Hall) and stays faithful to her.

On the opposite side of the bed are the more adventurous Bernie and Debbie, played by Kevin Hart and Joy Bryant.

David Mamet’s often aggressive script takes a good, hard look at relationships and what makes them work, or not, so viewers shouldn’t expect a predictable outcome.