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26 Oct 2017
11:57 am

Why South Africans think Papa Penny has saved their relationships

Citizen Reporter

The musician seems to have also mastered the art of treating his woman without spending a cent.


South Africans on Twitter have officially declared Papa Penny Penny, real name Eric Nkovane, a national key point after handling his relationship matters in a way they said would save theirs as well.

One of the things Papa Penny attended to in last night’s episode of Papa Penny Ahee was drafting a will for his children and divorce papers. He was finalising his divorce from his ex-wife, who is in Mozambique.

Mama Nomi thought this meant Papa Penny would finally marry her, but she was wrong.

“Just because I decided to divorce doesn’t mean I’m going to marry you,” said the disco king, though Twitter thought this was a cold statement from him.

However, Papa Penny’s reason for not giving Mama Nomi a ring was because he believed he was the ring himself. Men on Twitter said this was the best decision, and would save many relationships.

If you can’t give your partner something, just tell them you’re that thing, they argue.

The musician seems to have also mastered the art of treating his woman without spending a cent, and he showed us in the last season when he spoiled Mama Nomi on Valentine’s Day.

Papa Penny gave viewers a few pointers on how to spoil their partner and keep the fire burning. The first lesson: “You have to keep them happy.” This, according to Penny Penny, should be every man’s goal in a relationship.

“Women need to be treated like eggs. If you drop an egg, it’s broken.”

To spoil his wife, Penny Penny cooked pap, garlic chicken, spaghetti and mince meat for her, something that really surprised her. He gave her a taste of “papa spice” in his chicken and her favourite chocolate.

However, there were no flowers. He said he didn’t give her flowers because he was “the original flower”.

These are some of the things South Africans will remember Papa Penny for, and he knows that. He said he was now in the “category of Jesus” because people would remember him for years to come.

“I’m not God, but human like other. When I’m gone, they’ll remember me for what I’ve done. I’ll leave my legacy.

“Once you’re popular, I don’t want Christians to get cross with me, I’m also a believer. But once you’re popular in the world, you’re on the same level as Jesus. Because God sends new children every day. Even when I die, people will know my name for years to come,” he said.

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