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31 Oct 2017
2:02 pm

Things white South Africans have always wanted to ask black people

Citizen Reporter

'Why do black people have a tissue box on the back window of the car ... it's not like you can reach them tissues while driving?'


Facebook page Joburger has been asking people of different races to ask each other questions they have always wanted to, but never had the opportunity.

Though the page was started last year, it only became popular recently following all the #FuckRacism posts encouraging different groups to interact. The page was started by a 23-year-old South African Louwrence van Niekerk, who currently lives in London.

“Ive been here three months and I saw so many depressing, racist stuff happening back home. So I decided I’m gonna try bring the country together,” he said in one of his posts.

He then asked white people to ask black people that one question they had always want to ask, and these were some of them:

“Are you guys born naturally good dancers or is there some right of passage that white people don’t go through?”

“What’s the deal with the sand and sea water in the 2L Coke Bottle?”

“Why are your memes in English until the punchline? It’s torture. Makes me want to fight the education system and kick myself for never learning more than one of our languages.”

“Why do black people have a tissue box on the back window of the car… it’s not like you can reach them tissues while driving?”

“Why do you always say that your brother died and you need to attend his funeral but it was your neighbors, sons fathers 3rd cousins uncles nephew?”

“Okay this one is for the ladies, what god damn fountain of youth do you drink from??? No seriously, how do you have such incredible skin, virtually pimple free and you don’t age until you get 60s, I met a 55 year old yesterday, she looked 30. Every time I see an anti aging ad with any one other than a white person, I call bullshit.”

And black people asked whites:

“Do your parents also tell you crazy stories or superstitions to discipline you? If so, please provide an example. My example is if you eat directly out of a pot it will rain on your wedding day.”

“I can understand living pets, but all these wild animals (tarantula, snakes)? Visiting your household is like an episode of fear factor for us, have you no fear of things going wrong?”

“Why do you like sending your parents to an old age homes instead of taking care of them in your mansions?”

“Do you guys ever feel cold? I mean at what temperature is it cold for you? I will be putting my thickest jacket and boom white guy in a vest, shorts and sandals.”

“Why you guys let your kids date at a young age?? I mean at 16 already you’re fetching Johann’s girlfriend to come sleep over for the weekend?? Yee? I’m 21 and still, my male friends can’t even come and visit me at home.”

“Dear whites, what is so great with Mandoza’s Nkalankata? And that Impi song? And why do you always gravitate towards us when it plays at weddings, office parties etc? You do realise there is not even ONE black person who has those songs on ANY of their playlists right? Can we get some AKA or Cassper at these parties doe? It’s been a decade of us pretending we like those songs… we REALLY DON’T.”

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