Genevieve Vieira
2 minute read
20 May 2014
9:00 am

Getting by with grace

Genevieve Vieira

A woman is expected to be many things to different people. She is a daughter, a friend, a wife, a mother, a nurturer, a caregiver, an aunt, a helper and a professional businesswoman to boot. Just reading that sentence causes shortness of breath – and the list is not complete. So how does she juggle her many different roles, yet remain sane?

INSPIRING WOMEN. From left, Point Of Grace's Shelley Breen, Leigh Cappillino and Denise Jones. Pictures: Supplied.

Point Of Grace’s Denise Jones offers this advice: “Your family is the most important relationship in your life here on Earth. They will be here when the career is over. If things aren’t right at home, nothing else works.”

As a professional singer and a member of the popular Christian contemporary group, Jones’ career demands she spend a fair amount of time on the road, touring and promoting the group’s music. “It’s probably the hardest part of this career,” she says.

“We love what we do in Point Of Grace, but we love being moms too. It’s hard when you have to miss your child’s sporting event or recital because you’re out touring. Thankfully, the girls and I are very supportive of one another. If we feel we can’t book a show because of something happening back home, we don’t take the date. We have definitely slowed down as our kids have grown older. I used to think they needed me more when they were younger, but it seems as they grow up into their teenage years they need me more.”

With so much going on, it’s all too easy to take too much for granted.

“It’s a choice you have to make every single day,” says Jones. “Some days I get into a rut of complaining. I think that is why it’s so important to spend time in God’s Word. You are then reminded of the grace that God pours out on a daily basis. When I catch myself feeling self-pity, I stop and think of the things that I can be thankful for at that very moment.”

So what keeps Jones strong and moving after 23 years in the music business? Aside from her loving and supportive husband, Jones credits her relationship with God.

Jones has also formed a special bond with her fellow vocalists, Shelley Breen and Leigh Cappillino, who have stood by her side through thick and thin.

“My family once went through a very difficult time. My girlfriends showed up for me when I was too overwhelmed to even think straight. They offered to help out with my children, cooked a few meals and even did some laundry. That’s one thing I love about women. They just know what to do without even asking. Men are sometimes stand-offish and don’t know what to do or say. Women just know how to pour out love.”

Jones affirms that as long as they are still connecting with people, Point Of Grace will continue to sing. “I don’t see us stopping anytime soon, and He will make way for both family and work.”