Leon van Nierop
1 minute read
23 May 2014
5:43 am

Movie Review – Legends Of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

Leon van Nierop

This film is many critics' worst nightmare. It is glaringly obvious from the poster and trailer what they can expect and it is evidently aimed at young kids and toddlers, so the cliché "ideal family entertainment" will be in every review.

Dorothy's back somewhere over the rainbow in 'Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return'. Picture: Supplied.

Yet, readers assure me: parents do read these reviews in order to decide whether to accompany their offspring to a screening, or whether to drop them off while they shop. So be warned, parents and grandparents who saw the original The Wizard of Oz or even Wicked on stage – this offering will only frustrate.

For anybody younger than 10, this parental guidance-movie will be an attractive option. Legends Of Oz: Dorothy’s Return is tailor-made for kids, especially those suffering from attention deficit syndrome, as it may hold their attention for 90 minutes.

Dorothy (Lea Michele) wakes up in Kansas devastated by a tornado. The film touches on the aftermath of this disaster and how it influences Dorothy and her family. But she is quickly removed from her role as a relief worker after she is transported back to Oz and The Emerald City to fight an evil villain – this time a bad bloke named The Jester, who may be the animated brother of Batman’s The Joker or Stephen King’s The Clown.

With some cute musical interludes, beautiful kiddie-friendly illustrations and a sound moral lesson, kids will get pleasure from this piece.