Zanele Mazibuko
2 minute read
13 Sep 2019
2:49 pm

Mrs Africa finalist is on a mission

Zanele Mazibuko

Her aim is delivering over a year’s supply of washable sanitary pads to each girl at the orphanage.

Mrs. Africa finalist Mbali Mkhiza | Image: Supplied

Mbali Mkhize, 41, is currently a finalist for Mrs Africa 2020 and proud supporter of the Siyaphambili Orphanage in Kwa Langa in the Western Cape for almost two years now.

She assists with food and electricity at the Centre and recently Mbali has partnered with the American International School for Tutorial services as other kids are struggling with maths, English, and science, tutors are offered from the school on weekly basis to help with their grades.

Her aim is delivering over a year’s supply of washable sanitary pads to each girl at the orphanage and she promotes this awareness with everything she has.

News24 reported: “The Stellenbosch University (SU) Law Clinic has joined the fight to topple tampon tax and has made a written submission to National Treasury to include feminine hygiene products on the list of zero-rated VAT items. The clinic conducted research on tampon tax shortly after the National Treasury called for public submissions for the expansion of the current list of zero-rated VAT items in 2018.

“The research indicates that the lack of access to feminine hygiene products, primarily as a result of the high prices of these products, is an enormous problem that confronts poor, vulnerable and marginalised women and girls in South Africa. Because they can’t afford this, they are forced to turn to alternative options that are mostly unhygienic and pose serious health risks.”

Mkhize said: “It’s important that the basic needs are met first and I provide opportunities through education as well. I will be raising funds for kids that are about to go to universities, but they don’t have financial means to continue and I work closely with my son on all these programmes.”

She was raised in Johannesburg and her work ethic was fostered in her childhood years.

Ambitious and driven, she plays an active role in the SB Mkhize Foundation, which was established in honour of her father, who himself was an orphan; a child slave that made it against all odds.

Mbali’s next major goal is not only winning Mrs Africa 2020 but going on to win Mrs Globe, in order to use this as a platform to save the futures of vulnerable children.

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