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15 Jun 2020
11:30 am

Here’s how much the coveted Rich Mnisi scarf will cost you

Citizen Reporter

If you have an extra four figures to spare, you too could wrap your neck in luxury.

Media personality Andile Ncube wearing a Rich Mnisi scarf and sweater | Image: Instagram

Thanks to a well-executed campaign, the Rich Mnisi scarf is all that is on any fashion lover’s mind at the moment. Having seen the scarf adorn the necks of everyone’s favourite celebs and influencers, many have found themselves wanting one of their own.

But just how much does the Rich Mnisi cost?

Well, according to his online store, the Rich Mnisi Highway two-tone scarf which extends on a 2 meter soft striped knit will set you back R1,199.

A Rich Mnisi On The Highway scarf | Image:

If you do not have R1,199 to spare right now, you can try your luck in the Johnnie Walker #KeepWarmsSA campaign where you stand a chance to win your own limited edition ‘Johnnie Walker x Rich Mnisi drop,’ as seen on the timelines of your favourite famous faces and influencers.

This is not the first time the brand has been on everyone’s lips as Rich Mnisi’s clothing brand has given notoriety to the growing number of luxury brands in Africa, competing with international brands such as Versace and Gucci.

Their last collection titled Azania 3 was released last month and the highest-priced item in the range was a gorgeous Witching Hour bomber black jacket with a detachable hood, side pockets, and an embroidered image on the back with 150,000 stitches. The price tag? A choke-inducing R12,999.

Similarly, the range’s predecessor, Azania 2, was received with much publicity and praise and a little chagrin at the prices.

Those tweeting in defence of the brand have pointed out that the clothing range is a luxury brand, and the pricing is to offset the high-quality materials used to make the best possible product – like other luxury brands.

Beauty content creator Sarah Langa weighed in as well, as she was not impressed by some people complaining about the Rich Mnisi prices.

There have been calls for more luxury African brands to be supported rather than criticised them for their pricing.

(Compiled by Sandisiwe Mbhele, additional reporting by Kaunda Selisho)

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