Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
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23 Jul 2020
2:52 pm

Buhle Samuels becomes first South African to partner with Bras N Things

Sandisiwe Mbhele

More women of different sizes and races are being represented from swimwear to lingerie, and Buhle says this was one of the main reasons for her joining the brand.   

Buhle Samuels Bras N Things. Photo: Supplied

Actress from popular soapie Muvhango, Buhle Samuels is not far from sharing hot, sexy, racy, and stunning pics in lingerie and swimsuits as this has to lead to her partnering with a major lingerie brand.

The star is the first South African to partner with international lingerie company Bras N Things.

Speaking to The Citizen, she said the partnership made complete sense: “It started with my love for lingerie. My management spoke to their management and identified synergies between the two brands, that culminated into the relationship we have.”

It is easy to see why the star was chosen as a firm believer in body positivity.

She wasn’t so comfortable showing off her body: “At first it wasn’t. When you are a very curvy girl you can be made to feel like you should hide your body to make other people feel comfortable.

“I think I tried doing that for some time but I came to understand that, God created me this way because he intended it that way, and trying to make others comfortable isn’t part of why he created me. He made me this way to celebrate myself in all my glory and I should never apologise for it.”

Buhle Samuels Bras N Things. Photo: Supplied

More women of different sizes and races are being represented from swimwear to lingerie, and Buhle says this was one of the main reasons for her joining the brand.

“Fuller women weren’t always represented in lingerie marketing, so it’s great to see a brand that’s consciously changing that narrative and becoming more inclusive of their everyday customer.”

She said she loves each set as it represents a different side or mood to herself.

Summer bodies are said to be made in winter but with lockdown, colder weather, motivation can be tough.

Buhle Samuels in Bras N Things. Photo: Instagram

Buhle has had these troubles too: “Lockdown has all of us in a mess!” She laughs, saying the trips to the fridge have definitely made things more difficult.

“I try to watch what I eat the most because that’s 80 percent of the job done. Then I try to run around the neighborhood but I hate running, and then I do some weight training but because of all that’s happening, I’m also getting myself motivated with a personal trainer. I find it helps give me a good head start then when I exercise on my own I’m motivated.”

As she returned to Muvhango earlier this year, no one would have thought about how much Covid-19 has changed our daily routines and working conditions.

She said it has been great under the circumstances: “Of course we all feel nervous and scared, but the production has done a great job at easing our fears. All the protocol and procedures in place encourage a safe and sanitised environment at all times whilst adhering to the government safety rules.”

Women’s month is coming up and with many events that will shed a light on topics ranging from gender-based violence (GBV) to women employment, Buhle wants a changing narrative.

“With all the GBV I think the main thing for me is for our relationship with the men in our country to change for the better. For the South African woman to be protected, uplifted and respected.”

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