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6 Oct 2014
2:00 pm

This week on Isidingo

Citizen Reporter

Here’s what to expect this week on SABC 3′s popular soapie Isidingo.

Monday, 6 October

Lincoln finally decides on a course of action designed to defang Katlego. Rajesh and Priya seem helpless in the face of the worst threat to their marriage they’ve ever faced. Lerato decides to confront Hamilton about Georgie’s loan and is shocked by his reaction.


Tuesday, 7 October 

Katlego receives an offer that stuns her into silence. Rajesh is given reason to believe he may be about to finally turn his company around. Hamilton’s antics begin to catch up with him.


Wednesday,  8 October  

Katlego struggles to decide if she can trust Lincoln. There’s a surprise waiting for Priya when she visits Rajesh at the office. The rose tinted glasses are finally pulled from Lerato’s eyes.


Thursday, 9 October

Lincoln has a dark plan to get the truth out of Kat. Is there chemistry between Raj and Zak, or is it all just business? With Hamilton gone, Lerato is left to pick up the pieces of her life.


Friday, 10 October

With his threats falling on deaf ears, Lincoln takes his campaign against Katlego in a new direction. Rajesh has to leave on a business trip, placing more strain on his relationship. Will Lerato manage to get closure before Hamilton leaves town?