Adriaan Roets
2 minute read
1 Dec 2014
9:33 pm

Bland start for Generations: The Legacy

Adriaan Roets

The revamped Generations with a slick new title sequence aired tonight, but the first episode of the new show was rather mild.

FILE PICTURE: Sophie Ndaba, who played Queen Moroka on Generations, had been with the show for over two decades before joining the recent strike. The hashtag #BringBackQueenMoroka spiked on Twitter during the inaugural episode of Generations: The Legacy. Picture: Supplied

In essence the only story lines featured was that Karabo Moroka and Tau Mogale who are planning to start a family. There was a mention of the two seeking a surrogate mother, hinting that Karabo has trouble falling pregnant.

Letoya Makhene who plays Tshidi is clearly in financial distress, when her house and property was being repossessed during the episode.

The new show made no attempt to connect old characters to the new show. As far as intrigue goes in soaps, the episode had no spice.

SABC clearly also had to dig deep to shoot the episode, which was mostly shot on location, opposed to on set.

The side card on the right of the TV screen also incorrectly identified the show as Generations, not Generations: The Legacy; something SABC 1 should fix, if they intend to distance themselves from the former show and cast that was marred when 16 of its seasoned actors got the axe after complaining about unfair working conditions.

Sophie Ndaba, who played the legendary Queen Moroka, was one of the mainstay actors who got the boot. The hashtag #BringBackQueenMoroka did the rounds on social media networking site Twitter during the inaugural episode.

Also noteworthy is that the show did not work World Aids Day into the storyline.

The episode’s blandness is in stark contrast to other soaps airing tonight which featured far more tantalising stories.

Tonight on Isidingo, Barker and Brad’s future hanged precariously in the balance. Learning about Rajesh’s infidelity sent Priya into an emotional tailspin and Aphiwe and S’khu’s relationship suffered another blow.

On SABC 2’s 7de Laan, Ryno and Aggie appeared in court for cross-examination over Emma potentially going to jail. Paula was on the warpath after being cheated on by Altus.

Placeholder for Generations at the 8pm spot, Skeem Saam, which returned to its 6.30pm spot tonight, also featured a more juicy story as Kat made a shocking discovery about the identity of the attacker. The Private Investigator made an alarming confession to Marothi and Tbose had a major falling out with his mother.

At the moment it is unclear how the new Generations fared ratings-wise, but as far as soaps go, audiences should hold their applause.