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Adriaan Roets
1 minute read
8 Dec 2014
5:13 pm

Trevor Noah visits The Daily Show (video)

Adriaan Roets

After appearing for the first time as the correspondent for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central in America on 4 December, Trevor Noah will be returning to Johannesburg on December 11 and 12 to continue on his Nation WILD tour.

South African comedian, Trevor Noah, appears on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Noah has been swamped the last few days, appearing in London at a sold out show last Wednesday, before heading to New York to film his segment on the Daily Show.

Billed as the African Correspondent for the show, Noah addressed American perceptions of Africa, and also pointed out that the American wealth gap is now worse than that of the racially divided South Africa during the Apartheid era.

Noah joins a line of esteemed contributors, including the likes of Josh Cad who went on to star in the first season of Broadway’s The Book of Mormon and was the voice  of the snowman, Olaf, in the Disney box office hit Frozen.

But Noah’s success has not deterred his critical and hilarious insights into life in South Africa. He’s already taken the mickey out of the load shedding crisis tweeting, “Eskom is trying to keep Africa’s reputation of being “The Dark Continent”.