Nandipha Pantsi
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14 Apr 2015
2:05 pm

Big Brother – house of violence? 

Nandipha Pantsi

M-Net has received a lot of backlash from Big Brother Mzansi viewers after a housemate allegedly tried to rape another.

The Big Brother Mzansi logo. Picture: Supplied.

The pay TV broadcaster issued a statement earlier on Tuesday saying that Adams had been expelled from the Big Brother house for misconduct and that Bexx, who is currently seeing a psychologist, was removed from the house for her own safety. The broadcaster didn’t give any details, only saying that the reasons were “serious”.

Not a first time offender

Fans of the reality competition will tell you that violence and “misconduct” are nothing new among contestants in the Big Brother house.

A few weeks ago, Adams, K2 and Ace were issued strikes from Big Brother for taking advantage of Bexx.

In a disciplinary hearing, the show’s producers said:

“Ill-mannered conduct toward women will not be tolerated.”

“Although Bexx was playful with you at first, her reaction shows that she found your behavior offensive.”

While K2 and Adams quietly accepted their strikes, a disgruntled Ace responded with:

“But I just hugged her.”

This is not the first time Ace has been involved in a violent incident.

Last week, viewers were left in shock after Ace pulled his girlfriend, Ntombi by the leg during a challenge. Ntombi was struggling to see after she dropped her glasses. As she was trying to put her glasses back on, an angry Ace pulled her by the leg, urging her to get up.

Social media was abuzz, with many viewers calling Ace an “abuser”.

Twitter users are urging the broadcaster to take a stand against violence and take the show off air.

Other incidents of violence on Big Brother Mzansi:

* Last year, Mbali Zulu was expelled from the house after slapping a woman

* Matthias tackled Khali during an argument but was not issued a strike

Sibu and Matthias are stunned Sibu and Matthias were unhappy to be evicted from the show. “I think it is way too soon…

Posted by Big Brother Mzansi on Sunday, April 5, 2015

* Mbali had to get medical assistance after Ace scratched her hand in an attempt to force her to let go of a plate of food

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