Vhahangwele Nemakonde
Digital Journalist
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20 Jul 2015
11:56 am

Our Perfect Wedding babalas

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

As usual, Our Perfect Wedding was trending on Sunday night. This is what made this wedding perfect, or not.

Lindi and Jomo on their wedding day. Picture: OPW

I’ve had conversations with my guy friends concerning their relationships: most of them complain about their girlfriends who try to change them. They agree to date them knowing they smoke or drink and then start fighting about it when they are in a relationship.

Last night’s groom however, did not have that problem. Jomo and Lindi met in 1994, just when South Africans voted for their first black president. They met at a pub, I’m sure there were many ladies drinking and dancing at that pub, but none of them could dance better than Lindi, hence Jomo “was hypnotised” by her dance moves. A few drinks later, Jomo and Lindi were a couple.

Now, imagine if Jomo and Lindi discussed their relationship over a few drinks and later on when they were in a relationship she asked him to stop drinking? Unfair right? Let’s put aside the fact that she also drinks.

Brides-to-be must follow Lindi’s example, whatever is your relationship’s foundation must remain that, even when you’re a married. For instance, Lindi has never given her husband dessert, it has always been a glass of booze, get the idea?

Now moving on, Lindi and Jomo have seven children. She said people have been telling her to stop giving her husband children. Brides-to-be must take note here as well, Lindi said she will continue to give her husband as many children as he wants. See? Don’t listen to people, do what makes your partner happy.

The couple will not struggle to find bridesmaids and groomsmen when they decide to renew their vows, it must be nice.

I’m not criticising here, but let’s be honest; the groom has an alcohol problem. I know we shouldn’t judge or try to change him, but..Bra Jomo had a babalas on his wedding day!

Now coming to the wedding itself, I always say full-figured women can move, if Lindi didn’t convince you then I don’t know who will, the woman was dancing the whole time.

Let’s talk about the wedding dress. Lindi’s confidence made that dress look gorgeous on her. Confidence is a good accessory, it makes everything look beautiful, except a bad singing voice, if you cannot sing, confidence won’t save you.

I actually liked the bridesmaids’ dresses. I’m not a fan of bright colours on bridesmaids’ dresses, but this yellow brightened the day well.

The bridesmaids. Picture: OPW

The bridesmaids. Picture: OPW


The groomsmen’s suits complemented the bridesmaids’ yellow dresses well, the grey colour toned it down. I’m not sure about the design of the suits; they could have done better. They could have gone for a modern design, people don’t even wear those for job interviews anymore.

Have you noticed how people like dressing the young boys and girls in white?  It does not matter what the colour theme of the wedding is, the little ones are always in white. Look at how the young boy just stands out.

The groomsmen. Picture: OPW

The groomsmen. Picture: OPW

I also loved the decor, it was a nice mixture of different shades of yellow with silver. My colleague said it looks like an MTN conference. What do you think?

The decor. Picture: OPW

The decor. Picture: OPW

The cake was nice too. It was the usual four-tier cake, nothing complicated about it. Do you see from this cake picture how the colours just blended well?

The wedding cake. Picture: OPW

The wedding cake. Picture: OPW

In my opinion, this was a perfect wedding, but Lindi’s personality takes the trophy.

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