Leon van Nierop
1 minute read
31 Jul 2015
9:00 pm

The Gallows movie review

Leon van Nierop

In a lonely, huge theatre used for school productions in the middle of the night no one can hear you scream...

HANG MAN. Reese Mishler stars as Reese Houser in The Gallows. Pictures: Nu Metro.

Add to that a group of obnoxious students with bad intentions who decide to wreck the stage props before a production with a noose hanging stage left, and you have quite a frightening little film worth spending R60 on. That is if you like to pay to be terrified. Or you can also read about the shenanigans going on in our country on a daily basis and it can be equally frightening.

Having said that, this clever and innovative amateurish little film concerns an accident that happened 20 years ago when a student was hanged on stage. This was filmed by someone in the audience and now serves as police evidence. Two decades later, as a new group of students challenge the spooks, the dead student, who now serves as a hangman from Hades, takes revenge.

Many viewers might find the found footage-technique irritating and even nauseating. This imitation of sorts of The Blair Witch Project may not find favour with most critics. But take it from me, once you have suffered through the first 25 minutes, it will scare the living daylights out of you. And “break a leg”, wished upon actors before a performance, will never be the same again. Now the only question is: who held the camera all the time during the hangman’s revenge?