Michelle Loewenstein
1 minute read
8 Dec 2015
4:49 pm

Google Play Music hits SA

Michelle Loewenstein

The internet giant is joining the fray with a music service that gives you access to millions of songs – legally!

Google Play Music has finally hit our shores, giving its users access to around 35 million songs.

The company launched their latest offering at a dinner at their Bryanston offices on Monday evening.

The product allows users to create their own personalised playlist. There’s everything from local to international to golden oldies – the journos at the event tried their best to challenge Google by searching for obscure musicians, and quite a few were found.

You can add, remove or re-order your music station and see what’s coming next. Or you can browse recommendations from Google’s music team and explore songs by genre.

You are also able to store 50 000 songs from other devices online. There is also an option to “pin” certain music so that you can listen to it offline on any Android device.

While I do love my iPod, I find it frustrating that the library can only be accessed in one place, so this feature makes a lot of sense.

Google SA worked with local licensing organisations the Composers, Authors and Publishers Association (CAPASSO) and Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO), to ensure all artists are fairly compensated for work featured in the Play Music store.


A 30-day free trial offer is available to new Google Play Music users. Additionally, an unlimited Google Play Music subscription is available for an introductory price of R49,99 a month for users who sign up before 26 January 2016.