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Tshepiso Makhele
1 minute read
18 May 2016
1:15 pm

Kenny Kunene crushes broke rumours

Tshepiso Makhele

Sushi King says he’ll ‘buy three generations of the family’ of whoever claims he’s penniless.

FILE PICTURE: Kenny Kunene gets ready. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Just after controversial businessman Kenny Kunene took aim at local dating Facebook page Blesserfinder, declaring that the page be shut down and explaining that it encourages prostitution in society, the owners of the Facebook page hit back strongly at Kunene, claiming that he’s against their page mainly because he’s “too broke” to be a blesser.

“These broke rumours have been flying around for four years and it’s just a load of bullsh*t. I have just started new businesses out of the country‚ dropped serious cash on building a studio to take my record label company to new heights and, when the music videos that I’ve just recorded with one of my artists drops‚ people will realise who owns this game,” Kunene told TMG Entertainment.

The Sushi King further explained that he does not own a king’s chair for nothing, and was not created to be broke.

“The owners of this website can carry on with their prostitution and I’ll carry on balling. Whoever wrote that I’m broke on Facebook I will buy three generations of their family‚ along with their houses‚ dilapidated underwear‚ and fill their fridges up and then buy it,” he further told TMG Entertainment.