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21 Aug 2016
11:27 pm

WATCH: Papa Pope threatens Trevor Noah before his show

Citizen Reporter

We are still wondering how How The Daily Show host recovered from this.

The Daily Show

We’ve watched this video of Joe Morton, aka Command or Papa Pope, and Trevor Noah a million times and we still think it’s hilarious.

The video posted on The Daily Show‘s Facebook page in May shows Papa Pope doing what he does best: making threats and just telling the other person they’re not good enough. This time, it was not Olivia on the receiving end but our poor Trevor Noah and there was no Huck to save him.

He walked backstage with a smile on his face, ready to meet Papa Pope, and asked him if he was ready for the show. Let’s just say the response he got was not what he was expecting.

We must say though, their acting was brilliant. How they managed to keep a straight face, we have no idea.

Noah will be giving his first SA interview since becoming The Daily Show host later this week. We’ll be giving our thoughts on it right afterwards.

Now watch the video: