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11 May 2017
11:58 am

Ayanda Ncwane to host new talk show

Citizen Reporter

'Girl, if you think you are going through stuff ... wait until you hear what other women deal with each day,' says Ayanda.

Ayanda Ncwane. Picture: Instagram.

Late gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane’s widow, Ayanda, has announced she will be hosting a new talk show. The show, titled Tea, Talk and Tissues with Ayanda Ncwane, will be aired on internet TV channel Rite Vac TV and will reportedly be available from June.

Ayanda will sit down with women from all walks of life and discuss issues that challenge them and the pain they have experienced and how they overcame it.

“When women are about to get real and pour out emotions etc, we sit down and make some tea and then we talk but of course we need tissues, as all our conversations end with tears [of laughter or pain] … Tea, Talk and Tissues with Ayanda Ncwane coming soon.

“Girl, if you think you are going through stuff … wait until you hear what other women deal with each day,” said Ayanda.

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Since the death of her husband, Ayanda has been sharing messages of hope on social media, encouraging women to keep going even in difficult situations. She was recently invited to an event to encourage women on how to rise above their pain. In an Instagram post, Ayanda said she had plans for her life, but has now found herself taking a different route.

“Believe me, i had a different plan for my for my life. But God has intervened and I found myself taking an off ramp to a total different destination. Thank you to the women of Vryhead & Mondlo for allowing God to use me as your guest speaker yesterday. Mam Mayor, Mam Hhashi, Mam Nhlengethwa , what a wonderful time we had in His presence,” she wrote.

“It is true that God will put you in a situation kanti He has pre-given you grace to overcome it, ngoba He simply wants to use you as a perfect example to heal others, ngiyamesaba u Jehovah, izindlela zaKhe zingumadida but uma kukuhle kuwe Baba …. Kulungile.”

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