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7 Nov 2017
10:54 am

Twitter user painfully shuts down Pearl Thusi in one tweet

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But some of her followers think she's the one who shut down the troll.

Pearl Thusi.

TV personality Pearl Thusi found herself on the Twitter trends list on Tuesday morning after being involved in a Twitter war with one of her followers. Twitter user Dusty took to social media to complain about Pearl’s behaviour in public, saying it was so “unladylike”.

She said Pearl was vulgar, referring to how she always included her haters’ mothers in her clapbacks.

The Quantico actor didn’t hold back, using the same words that she had been criticised for.

“Ngifuz’ unyoko [I take after your mother],” said Pearl to the user.

Dusty also did not back down, saying: “At least I have one. Rude shit,” she told Pearl.

But Pearl still did not back down, asking what good was it to have a mother if she was raising “trash”. In fact, Pearl’s mother was more alive than Dusty’s hairline.

Pearl’s clapback divided Twitter, with some saying it was unnecessary for her to have involved Dusty’s mother in her clapback, while some said there was nothing wrong with what she said, as it was proper Zulu.

In her defence, the TV personality said it was important for people to remember she too was someone’s mother and deserved to be respected, the same way Twitter users told her to respect other mothers.

She went on to warn her followers against “trashing” other people if they were not prepared to handle the heat. “Be prepared,” she added. The two trended on Twitter, with some saying Pearl was the one who shut down Dusty, while some said Dusty handled Pearl for everyone on Twitter.

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