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Tinashe Venge
1 minute read
8 Nov 2017
11:05 am

Amanda du-Pont claps back at Twitter user who tried to fat shame her

Tinashe Venge

Amanda became the latest celebrity to put a body-shamer in his place after a Twitter user made an inappropriate comment about the size of her body.

LEADING LADY. Amanda Du Pont has a role in new film Between Friends. Picture: Supplied

Amanda du-Pont has been renowned for being able to maintain a well-toned figure over the last few years.

This year has shown us that beauty comes in different sizes, but it’s fair to say that Amanda has consistently maintained a “slender” shape for as long as we’ve known her in local entertainment.

On top of everything else, Amanda is extremely active in the gym and whether she’s lifting weights or kicking butt in a boxing class, she’s always keeping us in the loop when it comes to her fitness goals.

So imagine the surprise when a user took it upon himself to claim that Amanda was now gaining weight. Never mind the rudeness of the suggestion (because it’s really none of anybody’s business), but he was completely off the mark too!

Thankfully, the Swazi princess has strong self-esteem, and it didn’t take long for her to send the hater packing. And she did it without shaming anybody who identifies as fat either.



Fellow presenter, Lalla Hirayama must have caught wind of the exchange on the timeline and she weighed in by questioning the motives of people like this unknown troll.

Both she and Amanda agreed that the comments most likely stem from insecurity.

Self-empowerment, woman-on-woman empowerment, human empowerment – these are all the ingredients we need to build a strong society.

For as long as strong women like Lalla and Amanda support one another, trolls and body shamers will never win.

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Three times sexy actress Amanda du-Pont gave us body envy

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