Tinashe Venge
1 minute read
23 Dec 2017
8:38 pm

Jessica Nkosi and Phindile Gwala end friendship after ‘lunch with thug’ backlash

Tinashe Venge

Reports this week claim that Phindile Gwala and Jessica Nkosi are no longer friends, because of a video that accidentally went viral last month.

Jessica Nkosi and Phindile Gwala. Image: Instagram

If you missed their drama earlier this year, Phindile and Jessica found themselves trending after a video of them having lunch with a notorious businessman surfaced. In the video, both women appeared to be sitting in front of a large bowl of money with Phindile joking about it being their lunch on the day.

At a time when money doesn’t come easily to South Africans, the two celebrities were accused of sharing the video in bad taste (although neither of them took responsibility for leaking the video). It seems as if their friendship, as well as their reputations, took a hit as a result of this video.

 Sunday World reports that Jessica Nkosi has distanced herself from the former Muvhango actress as a result of the incident.

Her publicist, Sarit Tomlinson spoke to the paper and shed some light on Jessica’s stance: “She ended her friendship with Gwala because she is normally not the kind of person who was shown on the picture. She was ambushed for that picture. Jessica does not hang out like that, hence she decided to disassociate herself from Gwala,”

Phindile Gwala was contacted for comment but she refused to be baited on the story.

“That’s a personal matter. I wonder if you go around asking people about their personal issues. In fact, how come no one ever called me when I was in Hollywood, doing amazing things, to write a story about my trip?”

If you haven’t already seen it, this is the video that ended Jessica Nkosi and Phindile Gwala’s friendship: