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14 Aug 2018
12:19 pm

DJ Zinhle’s hilarious comeback to viral photo of her hugging AKA

Citizen Reporter

Fans are hoping the former lovers will rekindle their romance, get married and have another baby.

DJ Zinhle and AKA. Picture: Twitter

Rapper AKA and his ex-girlfriend DJ Zinhle have been the talk of the town since a picture of them hugging went viral.

The pair were spotted at Taboo nightclub over the weekend, leaving many fans speculating they were back together.

DJ Zinhle was quick to shut down rumours with a spicy comeback.

“Just checked my phone after a meeting, and I now see that you guys have decided that I have a boyfriend again … because hugging someone means y’all are dating.”

In a series of tweets, she made fun of the suggestions that she and AKA were dating again, and even teased that she would leave some space between them the next time they hug.

DJ Zinhle went on to give women some lighthearted relationship advice.

“Are you single? Have you been unlucky in love? There is finally a way to get a man! Just one hug and he is all yours. Yes ladies, it’s that simple. Just one hug. Just make sure there are cameras to seal the deal.”

Some people on Twitter dragged DJ Zinhle for giving AKA another chance after he cheated on her, while others were more than delighted at the sight of the ex-lovers looking rather cosy together.

These were some of the comments on social media:

“No please make another baby we need more cute babies.”

“DJ Zinhle’s relationship with AKA is none of your business. Stop judging and respect her.”

“You can’t play with our feelings like that, we are still angry at him.”

“Its about time Kairo’s wonderful parents get back together and tie the not once and for all.”

“I wish DJ Zinhle was over AKA. I really don’t think she deserves this mess.”

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