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Hope Winters
1 minute read
7 Sep 2018
11:52 am

How I survived an abusive relationship – Vanessa Govender’s shocking new memoir

Hope Winters

The TV journalist's book delves into the horrifying effects of gender-based violence.

Vanessa Govender's book is a chilling personal account of the physical and emotional abuse Vanessa endured while at Lotus FM.

Former award-winning Lotus FM and e.tv news journalist Vanessa Govender has bared her soul about being abused at the hands of a partner for 13 years in new book, Beaten But Not Broken.

The book which has been published by Jacana Media is a chilling personal account of the physical and emotional abuse Vanessa endured.

It was officially released earlier this week and is available at book stores across the country.

Vanessa told the Daily News that she hopes the book will encourage other abused women to speak out.

“I have laid my soul bare and shared my trauma on the pages on this book in the hopes of shifting and altering how we as a community and country deal with this problem. Women are dying every single day at the hands of their partners. I barely got out of that relationship with my own life and sanity intact,” she said.

Vanessa added that she decided to pen her experience because she was “tired of protecting a monster”.

“Because, for as long as I was silent I was lying and living a lie and denying the truth of my suffering and anguish,” she added.

Taking to Twitter to announce the release of the book Vanessa described it as her “salvation”.

Jacana Media also invited the public to attend the official book launch on 12 September.

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