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Oluwa Pelumi
2 minute read
27 Nov 2019
12:22 pm

‘I don’t owe anyone anything,’ Black Coffee tells divorce critics

Oluwa Pelumi

'No one is dead. No one is abused. Nothing terrible happened. We just decided this is where we want to be,' says the DJ.

DJ Black Coffee and Enhle. Picture: Instagram

In today’s episode of ‘celebrities don’t owe us any explanation’, we have superstar DJ Black Coffee who put Mzansi Twitter in its place when he firmly stated that his ongoing private affairs were nobody’s business.

Black Coffee was doing his media rounds this past Tuesday. A quick look around will show you that he spent some time with music channels such as MTV and Trace, while also stopping at local radio stations across Gauteng. When it came to the latter, his press team must have been worried that somebody would try to address the elephant in the room: the DJ’s impending divorce to his soon-to-be-ex-wife Enhle Mbali.

Let’s just say whatever any journalist/radio host had to ask, Black Coffee had fielded worse questions from social media.

The Lalala hitmaker’s divorce has been a talking topic on social media for months (before it became official) and the chatter only increased after both he and Mbali decided to speak out on the matter. When he spoke to YFM about his personal life this week, he essentially suggested that social media followers don’t know their place.

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Black Coffee slammed Black Twitter’s sense of entitlement when he emphatically declared that he didn’t and doesn’t owe anybody any explanations regarding what is going on in his life.

He began by saying: “With everything that has been going on in my personal life, and even though we have all made statements saying this is a private matter, people will still come because they feel entitled.”

Despite being one of Mzansi’s biggest celebrities right now, the news of the divorce (paired with unverified rumours that he has been cheating on his wife) has turned him into a target for many on social media. However, he hints that if he was to hit back in the same nature, he would not be given a free pass.

He added: “It’s got to a point where I feel that sometimes it is trolling. I look at some tweets that come to me and I feel like if I had tweeted that to someone else, I would be cancelled.”

Black Coffee summed up the saga and indeed his feelings when he concluded: “I don’t feel I owe anyone anything. I am not the first person to be in this situation. No one is dead. No one is abused. Nothing terrible happened. We just decided this is where we want to be. But the public feel they should have a say, to a point where it is sometimes disrespectful.”

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