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17 Jun 2020
11:41 am

Papa Penny flies business class, leaves wife in economy

Citizen Reporter

The music sensation's latest antics on his reality show has left fans in shock and amazement.

Tsonga music sensation and reality TV star Papa Penny at Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Tshwane during the 2019 presidential inauguration | Image by: Jacques Nelles

Fans of Papa Penny have accused him of ill-treating his wife after catching up on a recent episode of his reality show.

This comes after a scene in Papa Penny Ahee showed that the music sensation booked a business class ticket for himself on a flight to Mauritius, but seated Mama Nomi in economy.

Opinions were divided on this, with some calling Papa Penny “toxic” and a “horrible husband” who “doesn’t love his wife”.

Others have come to his defence, saying the flight was possibly sponsored and that Papa Penny just has a unique way of showing affection.

According to one Twitter user, he once said he doesn’t give his wife flowers because he was an original flower.

Many laughed off the situation, saying it was scripted for entertainment, and that the Kardashians employ the same technique on their reality show.

Twitter users have come forward to share similar stories of “business class vs economy class” treatment:

“I once went to an event with my then boyfriend. He got himself VIP ticket and got me a general admission.”

“I know someone who booked himself a flight to Cape Town and let his wife take a taxi.”

“My ex would ask me to take a taxi to KZN while he and his sisters and nephews/niece use the car. FYI: the car was mine.”

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