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4 Nov 2020
1:57 pm

Atandwa Kani walks back ‘shaking ass’ tweet

Citizen Reporter

The 'Black Panther' actor is not happy with what he says is the phenomenon of 'shaking ass' to attain fame as an actor.

Actor Atandwa Kani. Picture: Twitter

Actor Atandwa Kani has retracted a tweet calling out the entertainment industry for its “influencer culture” sweeping into acting.

The Black Panther actor is not happy with what he says is the phenomenon of “shaking ass” to attain fame as an actor.

In a now-deleted tweet, he stated: “I wish I had known before studying for so long, working for 16 years and making life-altering career choices that all I need to do is shake my ass to be an influencer, celebrity and a household name. F**k it, its your life though.”

Atandwa Kani tweets his frustration on the industry. Picture: Screenshot

Kani is the son of the legendary director, actor and playwright, John Kani.

His tweet quickly garnered attention, with some saying Kani was minimising the hard work some actors had put in to become successful. He then walked back his original tweet and apologised.

Okay Okay Okay… I apologise for my last tweet about “Ass shaking”, it was in bad taste, originally INTENDED to be a joke…but I see how insensitive it is. To each their own, in life & career choices. I am truly sorry.. it shall be deleted. I’m sorry to everyone I offended.”

Some people thought Kani shouldn’t have apologised because he was telling the “truth”. Contradicting his apology when responding to a follower who said his opinion was correct, he said: “Not according to the court of public opinion… but I should’ve just kept that to myself. I need to rest bafowethu… rest rest.”

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