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Asanda Matlhare
Intern Journalist
2 minute read
25 Jun 2021
4:12 pm

Boity’s mom plans to start charging for her consultations

Asanda Matlhare

Modiehi Thulo announced on Instagram she sometimes wants to help as a healer and a prophet for free but couldn't.

Modiehi Thulo (Gogo Nyoni) says as much as she doesn't want to charge for her consultations, her spiritual guiders (abaphantsi) won't allow her to consult for free. Picture: Instagram

Boity’s mother, Modiehi Thulo, took to her Instagram to announce she will start charging for her consultations.

Modiehi Thulo who goes by the spiritual name Gogo Nyoni is a prophet and healer, similar to her famous daughter.

She said she really wanted to continue helping people for free but this was not possible and asked her followers to understand and bear with her.

“Sometimes I want to help for free, sometimes I want to charge R5.00 but akuvumi  (it isn’t allowed),” wrote Boity’s mom.

Thulo pleaded with her followers to understand where she was coming from, as this was an instruction from her spiritual guides.

What Boity’s mom did not explain, however, is the reason why spiritual guides often require payment when someone spiritually gifted uses their abilities to help people.

The payment is more of a gesture than anything and ancestors and spiritual guides are big on customs, gestures and rules.

So the next time you need Boity’s mom’s help, be prepared to show her spiritual guides how much you appreciate the time and assistance.

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Boity and Modiehi share the spiritual gift and when practising, Boity is referred to as Gogo Nomakhwezi.

Boity often lets her followers in on her journey like she does with the image below captioned: “Centered’.

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The rapper has a close-knit relationship with her mother who is supportive of everything she does.

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Like the time Boity celebrated the launch of her alcoholic beverage called BT Signature with a dinner that various influencers and celebrities were invited to.



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“As major shareholder and director of BTMK Beverages, I am so proud and grateful to have successfully created and launched BT Signature, my own ready-to-drink beverage! Not only am I the first black South African woman to create and own an RTD beverage, but also the first celebrity to create a non-alcoholic variant to allow everyone to make their mark and enjoy a BTSignature! I guess what I’m trying to say is, I am my ancestors’ wildest dream!,” she said.