Kaunda Selisho
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1 Jul 2021
2:29 pm

Real Housewives’ Tarina Patel vows to take action against government

Kaunda Selisho

Reality TV star joins in on call by Kelly Khumalo to remove the 'aging cohort' of government politicians, commenting how 'evil' their conduct was.

Real Housewives' Tarina Patel recently had her home seized by the NPA as part of the ongoing investigation into state capture and the Gupta family. Picture: Instagram

Following Kelly Khumalo’s call to action against the present cohort of South African government politicians, Real Housewives’ Tarina Patel has vowed to be one of the people who stands up and takes action.

Earlier this week, Khumalo took to Instagram to share her thoughts about the country’s leadership. She believes they feel they are entitled and don’t understand the meaning of service.

She expressed her disgust in the government and in “cupcake” (President Cyril Ramaphosa) and accused them of “treating our country like its toilet paper,” adding, “you just wipe your ass and put it and flush it in toilet”.

Khumalo went on to say if they are not removed from power, they will continue to “keep taking this money” because they feel entitled to it after fighting in the struggle.

“We have been taken for granted for far too long, we have lost everything, friends and family members lost to this pandemic, jobs and businesses lost and yet we are still the ones to continue paying the price,” wrote Khumalo.

“What more do we need for us to see that it is not about us, it never was and never will be. Unless we fight to get out country and our freedom back. All the oldies in government must step down!”

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“I agree love. So much evil – it’s all got to stop,” wrote Patel in response to Khumalo’s post.

“It can’t just end with words, we must take action,” replied Khumalo, to which Patel concluded: “Hell yeah. I’m on it.”

Patel and her husband, Gupta-linked businessman Iqbal Sharma, recently made headlines when the NPA’s Investigative Directorate (ID) seized assets worth more than R520 million belonging to the Gupta family. Among those assets were Tarina and her husband’s R12 million mansion in Sandton.

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