Reitumetse Makwea
Digital Intern
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22 Jul 2021
4:58 pm

WATCH: These Americans think Wakanda and Zamunda are real places

Reitumetse Makwea

Americans left Mzansi in stitches when they tried to pass themselves off as experts in the Zamunda and Wakanda conflict.

Bella Murphy, Akiley Love, Arsenio Hall, Eddie Murphy, Shari Headley, KiKi Layne and Paul Bates star in Coming 2 America | Picture: Supplied captured by Quantrell D. Colbert © 2020 Paramount Pictures

Since Marvel’s Black Panther and Coming 2 America have both taken the internet by storm since they premiered, it may come as no surprise that many Americans think Wakanda and Zamunda are real.

In one video, random people on the street weighed in on the crisis in Zamunda and whether they think America should intervene and help with the “conflict”.

The only issue is neither country exists. Some of the people interviewed even went as far as to claim they had been seeing social media posts about the conflict.

Zamunda and Wakanda are fictional nations. The advanced and luxurious depictions of African societies in both films gave most American viewers a culture shock.

One person called for US intervention, while another said former President Donald Trump would have handled the made-up situation in Zamunda better than President Joe Biden.

One of the people who were interviewed left the audience in stitches when he said one of his friends was from Zamunda and had told him all about the conflict happening in the country.

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Despite the Marvel Cinematic Universe being set in a “real world” setting that features countries such as South Africa, the USA, UK, Norway, South Korea, and other real places, Wakanda is a very fictional place.

In both films, the countries were described as ideally wealthy countries located in Africa.

Meanwhile, for those who have seen the show, it might come as no surprise that the Coming 2 America sequel’s Zamunda Palace is actually rapper Rick Ross’ 45,000-square-foot mansion.

In an interview with Nick Cannon, Ross said his favourite film happened to be Coming to America (the original), which was the primary reason behind his desire to be part of the second film and welcome the cast into his home.