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Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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6 Aug 2021
4:57 pm

Remember 7de Laan’s beloved Bart? He’s now a Netflix villain

Renate Engelbrecht

7de Laan's beloved Bart, now based in Los Angeles and playing an intimidating villain, shares news of a second season of the popular Netflix series, 'Sweet Tooth'.

Neil Sandilands as the villain in the Netflix series, 'Sweet Toot'h. Picture: Twitter

7de Laan’s beloved Bart has been making waves in Hollywood the last couple of years and now Netflix has renewed the series, Sweet Tooth, in which he will be playing the intimidating General Abbot for a second season.

Neil Sandilands’ initial 7de Laan role has brought him to great heights internationally and even amidst the challenges that Covid-19 has brought to the entertainment industry, he says that he has been working non-stop since February 2020. Sandilands has been filming series, managing a radio drama and he has even been recording music and travelling internationally.

“After New Zealand I came back to South Africa as the borders were still not open for general travel.”

He is currently on his way back to Los Angeles and as he poses for a selfie on Instagram, he says: “I missed Los Angeles. There. I said it.”

Sandilands recently shared the exciting news of a second season of Sweet Tooth with a photo of himself as the Netflix series’ General Abbot.

He aptly captioned it with General Abbot’s different manner of speech, saying: “First I’ll put my right boot here. Then I’ll see who’s coming along-along. No matter what, the jacket. I’ll definitely wear the jacket. And my prescription reds. So I can see souls and hybrids. You in? Sweet Tooth Season 2! Yessss!”

Neil Sandilands
Neil Sandilands as General Abbot in Netflix’s Sweet Tooth series. Picture: Instagram

He later also shared a snapshot of the Zoom call on which the Sweet Tooth team was told that they will be doing a second season.

The caption read: “Cute I’d say. We were on a zoom call when we got the fantastic news that we’ll have a 2nd season of Sweet Tooth. Of course, they first misled us! Then said: ‘Kidding!’ Someone, don’t know who, was with it enough to snap the moment! Yay for Sweet Tooth Season 2!”

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The popular Netflix series, produced by Team Downie in association with Warner Bros, was launched in June this year and has taken the world by storm with Sandilands popping up on 60 million member households’ screens within the first four weeks of season one.

Jim Mickle, who will be serving as executive producer, director, writer and showrunner of Sweet Tooth’s second season says: “It’s been equally thrilling and heart-warming to experience how people around the world have been falling in love with our deer-boy. We couldn’t be more excited to continue our collaboration with Netflix and keep following Gus and his friends on their extraordinary journey.”

Sandilands shared a photo of him with the deer-boy, played by Christian Convery and said: “I’ve been holding out on posting this here pic. Didn’t want you to get the impression I was super proud of this little man. In the story I certainly don’t like his type. In real life, different story. He is a trooper. Here’s to you, Christian Covery. Peace out!”

Neil Sandilands and Christian Convery
Neil Sandilands and Christian Convery behind the scenes. Image: Instagram

Talking about his role in Sweet Tooth, Neil Sandilands says that General Abbot’s look is different and so is his manner of speech and his pathology.

Sandilands has also been portraying this in his Instagram posts of late, with interesting captions that make you want to read it again.

A post on Facebook sheds some light on influences from the past, with Sandiland posing for a photo with his high school teacher whom he says was instrumental in the development of his career. Although he made the most of the past couple of months in South Africa, he seems excited to be heading back to LA.