Kaunda Selisho
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26 Aug 2021
3:17 pm

Did Black Coffee just shade Zakes Bantwini over ‘Osama’?

Kaunda Selisho

The world-famous DJ explained why Zakes Bantwini's 'Osama' won't be on any of his sets despite their past working relationship.

Black Coffee recently tried to assure fans that there is no conflict between him and Zakes Bantwini, even though they differed and agreed not to have a working relationship. Pictures: Instagram

Zakes Bantwini’s latest track seems to be an instant hit among music lovers across the world. However, there’s at least one music lover who will not be loving it as much as everyone else does.

Fellow musician Black Coffee matter-of-factly declared that he prefers “the original” over Bantwini’s version after a recent exchange with another Twitter user and Podcast and Chill with MacG co-host Sol Phenduka.

“@Solphendukaa @podcastwithmacg he’s gonna play it” tweeted @ceecee_tebogo after Black Coffee tweeted “Osama…. What a tune!”

“It is nice but I won’t. I still prefer the original,” responded the musician. 

According to Black Coffee, Zakes Bantwini sampled a song called Mano Mano (Original Mix) by an artist called SUKA.

This comparison by Black Coffee sparked a debate among music fans about whether or not the songs really are similar.

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Phenduka pressed Black Coffee to explain his reason for making the statement.

“@RealBlackCoffee bro. You tweeted that won’t [you] play Osama because you prefer the ‘original’ Suka-Mano Mano. The vocal melodies have parts that sound similar. Do you still stand by that stance?” asked Phenduka.

“Yeah my musical reputation is based on what I like. It’s always been like that and also not all songs I like belong on my sets but last I said in my initial tweet Osama is a fire tune,” he responded.

“Ahhh. Makes sense. Is there any conflict between you and Zakes? Because ever since the Love, Light & Music and  Juju era, which was a HUGE SUCCESS collaboratively, you two have never worked together. Are there any tensions?” continued Pheduka, to which Black Coffee responded: “No there’s no conflict. We had our differences and both agreed not to have a working relationship anymore.”

The musician added that “people got quite emotional the last time so this time I’ll let them judge”.

He declared that it is still “all love over here” and lamented about the community of young producers who are dependent on the music but are not getting as much out as they put in.

“We all doing our best to support each other and they don’t have a voice to cry out when such happens and I unfortunately can’t keep quiet. Someone has to say something. This particular song isn’t even out yet it’s just been played by DJs exclusively and now it’s here.”

Phenduka concluded the exchange by trying to get the world-famous DJ to agree to a sit-down on the show he co-hosts with Macgyver “MacG” Mukwevho. Black Coffee said he would think about it and get back to them.

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