Narissa Subramoney
Copy rewriter
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27 Aug 2021
5:12 am

Nando’s Scamandla and Ekhuruleni 11 ads have the nation in hysterics

Narissa Subramoney

Nando's ads throw shade and hot sauce with satirical versions of the Digital Vibes and Tembisa 10 scandals

Nando's 'Scamandla' ad takes a subtle dig at former Health Minister Zweli Mkhize's Digital Vibes scandal.

Let’s face it we need a laugh. Nando’s Scamandla and Ekhuruleni ads came at just the right time.

Between the neverending lockdowns, alcohol bans, unpredictable load-shedding, the corruption endemic, soaring unemployment and a multitude of scams in every part of the country, it’s safe to assume we need therapy as a nation.

Even “My fellow South African’s” has become somewhat of a four-letter word.

They say laughter is the best medicine – or in our case, it is probably the cheapest – if not the only form of therapy accessible to us peasants.

Nando’s is serving up just what a battered nation needs, and it’s cheaper than the Prego meal being advertised.

Nando’s ads: Have a chuckle

Scamandla! SA Scammers Association

In the first advert uploaded to Youtube, the flamed grilled chicken kings took a swipe at former Health MEC Zweli Mkhize in their Scamandla advert. 

The 45-second ad opens outside a posh house, aptly named Saxonwold. Inside, a clandestine roundtable meeting of the ‘South African Scamming Association’ is taking place. The organisation’s slogan – Scamandla! 

The Scammer-in-chief addresses constituents made up of a presumably Nigerian Prince, ‘cash-cow -aka ‘spiritual white boy, (bearing a striking resemblance to rap artist Tekashi 6ix9ine), uBaba, Ajay, Atul and Tony Gupta and Crypto Chris. 

Nando’s Scamandla Ekhuruleni 11 ads has the nation in hysterics
Photo: Cash-in-transit security guards Leo Prinsloo and Lloyd Mthombeni make a guest appearance in Nando’s ‘Scamandla’ advert

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The Scammer-in-chief is unhappy because “South African’s budget is too tight to invest in anything.” He goes onto say they need something new to capture the minds and wallets of South Africans, something “digital and vibey.” 

The ad then cuts to a sting operation featuring South Africa’s favourite Cash-in-transit guards Leo Prinsloo and his colleague, Lloyd Mtombeni. Prinsloo’s brazen foiling of a Pretoria cash-in-transit heist went viral in April.

Ekurhuleni 11

Ekurhuleni 11' vs 'Tembisa 10

In the second advert released today, Nando’s grilled Independent Newspaper’s infamous de-couplets story, with its own Ekurhuleni 11.

The story plays out exactly like Tembisa’s ten but in Ekhuruleni, with calls for donations, world records and government visits. But in the end, no babies are found. 

Between scams and fake news, Nando’s says its prego meal is something Saffers can afford.

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