Renate Engelbrecht
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4 Jan 2022
4:22 pm

All Steve Hofmeyr wants from 2022 is smell, taste and wine

Renate Engelbrecht

Whether the new year excites or frightens you, you're not alone. Here are some of South Africa's well-known celebs' views and wishes for 2022.

Singer, Leah wishes for more hugs in 2022. Image: Instagram

After a long year in which various people, including celebs struggled to see light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, this is how some of South Africa’s well-known celebs entered the new year.

Steve Hofmeyr

In an Instagram post, Hofmeyr says he would like to forget about 2021. “I will only remember this year if, God forbid, 2022 is worse,” he wrote.

His wish for his followers and fans were simple and sweet: Success and health. “From my family and I, prosperity, time, love, wine, smell, taste, breath, flowers and a phone call from your mother,” he concluded.

Hofmeyr had a tough year himself and claims that he nearly died from Covid-19, which is why his wish comes with much emotion and understanding to those who fought the fight and lost in 2021.

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Juanita du Plessis

She had lost a dear friend (Theuns Jordaan) in 2021 and her family faced business challenges, yet the singer chose to send a fun throwback her followers’ way, with a link to one of her first popular songs, Lepellê. Not too long after that, she also shared her resolutions for 2022: Exercise more, help others, enjoy life, spend more time with family, and eat healthy.


Singer, Leah wished her fans a happy new year, saying that she hopes that this year would be better for everyone. “May there be fewer disappointments, and may we really give each other hugs again,” she wrote on Instagram.

Johan Stemmet

Johan Stemmet from the popular Noot vir Noot music series also wished his fans, whom he calls friends, a happy new year, saying that 2021 was the year in which he moved down to Langebaan in the Western Cape.

His message was one of contentment, as he described his moment of solitude on the beach, walking into the new year with his feet in the sand, watching a couple of seagulls searching for some leftovers from New Years’ Eve’s jollity.

It was on New Years’ Eve that he also wrote: “Your best year ever is waiting for you. Grab it and own it with devotion! This is your year!”


Singer, Corlea’s New Years’ message was short and sweet: “Be safe. Be responsible. Love. Be ‘lekker’.”

Dewald Wasserval

The singer, Dewald Wasserval’s message was even shorter and it was not really a wish to fans, but rather a threat to the year ahead: “Hello, 2022,” he wrote. “Behave yourself, or we’ll #@* you.”

He has just moved to Breda in the Netherlands with his family and by the looks of things they’ve been enjoying the parks and the beer, despite the cold weather.

Whether the new year frightens or excites you, these celebs’ take on the new year and what it holds proves that you’re not alone.