Renate Engelbrecht
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7 Jan 2022
11:36 am

Bok van Blerk’s dad dies – “Nag, ou grote”

Renate Engelbrecht

Empathy and emotions run high as singer, Bok van Blerk shares a range of photos of him and his dad in light of his father’s passing.

Bok van Blerk with his dad. Image: Facebook

The Afrikaans singer and actor, Bok van Blerk has taken to social media with a range of photos capturing the bond between father and son perfectly, after his dad passed away on 2 January.

The reason for his dad’s passing is not mentioned in his nostalgic posts, which take one down memory lane.

In his first Instagram post, the De La Rey singer merely wrote: “Goodnight, ou grote. Rest softly, my dear Dad.” He later shared a second post, saying that with his dad, there was always time for a joke.

“To entertain people is in our blood,” he wrote, “and I got it from my dad.” The singer, who also got his real name, Louis Pepler from his dad then said: “Rest in peace, Louis Andreas Pepler II.”

Bok’s sister, Andrea Vermeulen shared a Facebook post on the 4th of November, saying that she hoped their father would get well soon. Yesterday, in a tribute post to their dad, she wrote that their dad was a man with the “biggest heart, hands, feet, and sense of humour, always full of jokes.”

She says that he loved the bush and the beach very much, but most of all his wife, Salome.

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Salome Pepler shared a post on Facebook on 10 December, indicating that she was at the hospital’s casualty department with her husband, but that everything was under control.

In the photos shared on Bok’s social media, the singer shares a glimpse of yesteryear; special memories with his dad. There is a picture of him and his dad dancing in what seems to be their living room, a photo from Bok van Blerk’s bachelor party, and many photos with special childhood memories, from swimming pool shenanigans to a little Bok van Blerk sitting on his loving father’s lap.

It is clear from the photos that Bok van Blerk, who played the male lead in the international feature film, Leading Lady and the blockbuster film, Platteland among others, got his acting skills from his dad.

The talented artist’s father would have turned eighty in November this year.