Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
2 minute read
12 Jan 2022
6:16 pm

No sympathy for Pearl Thusi as she does her own chores

Kaunda Selisho

Pearl Thusi has had to do her own chores after suspending staff for allegedly stealing but her followers feel no sympathy for her.

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

South African actress and TV presenter Pearl Thusi has lamented doing her own chores after suspending her domestic helpers but her followers feel no sympathy for her.

Taking to Twitter as she usually does, she shared her experience of what her day looks like now that all the responsibilities of managing her home fall solely on her.

“I was hoping to walk the dogs today,” began Thusi, before adding “… then I have gym, then an appointment, take Thando to optometrist. Come home. Shoot content. Make dinner. Feed dogs. Clean up. Put them to bed.”

“I’m basically doing 3 people’s jobs right now. But at least nothing is going missing,” she tweeted.

This after she had to shoot content the day before and find time to go grocery shopping, feed the dogs, cook, clean, wake her children up and help get them ready for school, do drop-offs, bring the rubbish bins back into the house and feed the family’s bird.

“So? What do you want us to do about it?” seemed to be the general response to Thusi’s complaints in addition to countless people shooting their shot to work for Pearl and fill the vacancies left by the helpers she suspended.

Responses to Pearl Thusi’s complaints:

Earlier this week, Thusi revealed that some items had gone missing from her home and she had suspected that her domestic helpers were responsible for this as they were among the few people who had access to her home.

“My home staff has been stealing from me. I’m hacked… The saddest thing is when staff in your home steal from you, it’s like losing family. And without proof of who did it – you have to pay for their crime to let them go or deal with the CCMA. That’s actually crazy,” she wrote.

A large number of the responses to her tweets regarding what she had on her plate highlighted how that was a normal part of most people’s days, even those with jobs.

Others chomped at the bit to get hired by Thusi due to the fact that they are in the market for new jobs.

However, if it is indeed true that her helpers are guilty of what she accused them of, she may be apprehensive about hiring new help -especially people from social media.