Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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17 Feb 2022
9:35 am

Are Nádine and Derick really over?

Renate Engelbrecht

Celebrity couple Nádine and Derick Hougaard seem to have ended their relationship, with a source claiming that Nádine is heartbroken.

Nadine and Derick Hougaard. Image: Facebook

Although their social media profiles don’t provide much information regarding the rumours that they have broken up for good, the news of Afrikaans singer and television presenter Nádine Hoffeldt and former rugby player Derick Hougaard’s breakup after more than four years of being together has been spreading like a wildfire.

According to Huisgenoot, Nádine posted to social media, saying: “Four years. Six months. 20 days. It’s over. Final.” The post was removed hours later.

The Citizen’s source, who has asked to remain anonymous, said that it looks like it is over for good. A source also told Huisgenoot that Nádine is “broken” and “it is a hurtful situation.”

Derick apparently sounded tired and uncertain about the situation when Huisgenoot contacted him for comment about the breakup.

When they asked if he could confirm whether it is true that their relationship is over, he said: “I don’t know. I suppose. I don’t know. I can’t talk right now…”

It was in an interview with the same magazine in May last year that Derick spoke very highly of Nádine, saying that she is a formidable woman.

“She has already had 300 reasons to run away. I think it is especially tough when someone knows what you are capable of, and the chains just don’t want to break.”

Derick Hougaard has been picking up the pieces after numerous challenges since his days of fame as Springbok rugby player, and his unpleasant divorce from singer Karlien van Jaarsveld. Nádine herself has had to fight for her brand during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In September last year, Nádine and Derick still looked happy and in love at a wedding they attended, but according to The Citizen’s source, the past few days’ events left Nádine broken and upon request for comment, she apparently just started crying.

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Nádine has been in the music industry for more than 25 years, and is currently the presenter of the SABC2 series, Musiek Roulette.

Derick Hougaard finally appeared in the limelight again last year, going head-to-head in a boxing match with rock singer Francois Van Coke (who won the match) at Time Square, while Nádine was his number one fan, supporting him all the way.