Xanet Scheepers
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10 Apr 2022
3:35 pm

All hail Cassper: Mzansi showers musician with love despite being Naaked out

Xanet Scheepers

Even YouTuber Slik Talk congratulated the rapper on a successful event, despite him 'getting his ass whooped'.

Picture: Twitter

South African rapper Cassper Nyovest might have lost the much-publicised boxing match against NaakMusiQ at the Sun City Super Bowl on Saturday evening, but he has won the respect of South Africans who have praised him for his “genius marketing abilities.”

One Twitter user even went as far to comment that Cassper outclassed a whole Department of Sports, Arts and Culture by reviving a sport that had been longing for media attention.

Judging by reactions on social media on Sunday, South Africans were thoroughly entertained, even though the odds didn’t land in Cassper’s favour.

While many viewers felt the boxing match should have been a draw, Slik Talk wasted no time to air his thoughts on the events that transpired in the boxing ring.

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The YouTuber has had beef with Cassper since the two met in the boxing ring in December 2021 where Slik Talk lost the fight.

In fact, he was so eager to share his thoughts and feelings, immediately recording a podcast after the fight.

“Initially, I was going to do this video the morning after, but I said f***k it, this is a special occasion,” Slik Talk said.  

He then broke into song, singing the chorus of Kool & The Gang’s well-know hit, Celebration.

“What did you think this was Cassper, what did you think this was? You got a ‘Iron Mike’ tattoo, got a tattoo on your chest and a Mufasa tattoo on your back after beating a guy who has never boxed a day in his life.

“Welcome to Hollywood playboy. This is not how this works. You found an opponent that was prepared and was ready, and he humbled you. He completely humbled you,” the podcaster said.  

He then went on to thanking Cassper for organising the boxing event, while in the same breath reminding him that he lost the fight.

“I want to give a big shout out to Cassper Nyovest for organising this boxing event, but my n**ga tonight ‘we are celebrating’ – you just got your ass whooped my n**ga, that’s what just happened. You just got your ass whooped because you were too arrogant.”

He goes on to tell Cassper how his arrogance led to him losing this match against NaakMusiQ as he took it lightly.

Slik Talk also says that he initially thought Cassper was going to win the fight as Naak looked like a pregnant woman at weigh-in, but the musician took them all by surprise when he won the fight and beat Cassper.

He added that he is looking forward to the re-match between the two, who Cassper said on Sunday morning will most likely take place within the next three months.

“What a f**king amazing night! Sun City packed to come watch boxing and it all started with a dream to bring boxing to the big stage. Took an L But we come back stronger. We will hear from the other team when they want da rematch, I say 3 months would be enough and we get back in,” he Tweeted.

Celebrities who watched the fight, both ring-side and at home, took to Twitter after the fight to congratulate Cassper on his vision and for giving a much-loved, and forgotten, South African sport the much needed PR boost.

“Well done to Cassper Nyovest for being innovative, entertaining, entrepreneurial and in the process giving a much loved South African sport a PR boost it needed. The real winner is entertainment and BOXING,” Eusebius McKaiser tweeted.

Here are more reactions from the boxing match: