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22 Apr 2022
1:58 pm

Rolene Strauss on turning 30

Renate Engelbrecht

Former Miss World, Rolene Strauss shares a message with her younger self as she celebrates her 30th birthday.

Rolene Strauss on her birthday. Image: Compiled from Instagram

Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss turns 30 today and with that comes a lot of reflection.

She’s reached various heights in her life – Miss World being one of them – and as she looks back, the coach, speaker, author, mom and wife says it’s been 30 years of “learning, unlearning, growing and moving forward.”

She has been reflecting on her life since the day before yesterday, sharing posts on Instagram, including lessons learnt.

Managing her income was one of the biggest lessons Rolene says she has learned over the years, with her husband playing an integral part in the process of her becoming money-wise.

“Since childhood, money has been a relatively taboo topic,” she writes.

“With Daniel Strauss as my mentor, money became an unemotional, it-is-what-it-is thing to talk and think about.”

Rolene Strauss says the lessons she learned about money taught her that there is a difference between monetary source of income and psychological source of income.

Monetary source of income is derived from things that you don’t necessarily like to do, but you need the money, so you are willing to do what is necessary to make money.

Psychological source of income speaks to your deepest calling.

“Your deepest aspirations are fulfilled while you are adding value while getting paid for it,” Rolene says.

And, “Intentional congruence, in its most basic form, means that everything you do should tie into and/or support everything else that you do.”

She says that since she found her psychological source of income, so many doors opened up for her.

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This morning, the beauty queen and mother of two boys shared another post on Instagram, saying that she is celebrating thirty years of learning, unlearning, growing and moving forward.

“Today I am so extremely grateful to God for blessing me with opportunities to grow and give. I am grateful to all of the wonderful people in my life who have been like a bed of coals to my fire. My life has been filled with various valleys and peaks, and if I could share a message with the young Rolene, it would be to trust the process, be present and acknowledge God’s hand in all phases of my life.”

She also thanked her fans and followers for their support and positive regard towards her over the years. “I appreciate it tremendously,” Rolene wrote.

The caption accompanied a range of pictures of Rolene at various ages in her life – from a cute toddler to a beautiful bride.